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Post  cloeylee on Thu May 28, 2009 4:29 am

*FACEBOOK users ONLY*please add thesevendays@gmail.com-summertan-Thanks


Hey! All of you have been sweet and nice. So I decided that I want to give an item for you, for free!
Pick the item you love and let me know that you want it. And no, no, no, I am not giving it to you just yet.
First, you have to email me which item that you like the most I will tag you to that item.
Next, get all your friends to get it for you as a present.
Let your friends know why you want to have that item. Let them leave comment. Maybe you think you will look stylish or sexy. Or you wanted to win it for your girlfriend. Whatever your reason, let them know.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, if your friends think they would like to see you in that dress, skirt or pants, ask them to vote “like”.
By end of June, the person who has the highest “like” from your friends will get the item, totally free, including free shipping.
So, the sooner you let your friends know, the better.
Hurry now, I can only tag 1 photo item to 1 person. So its first come first served.
Lastly, everyone will be a winner. If you do not win the grand prize, you will still get something. My small little clothing collection has not been around for long, so I can only offer to you a small little gift sincerely from my heart. All who is friend of summer tan on or before 30 June I am extending a little courtesy of RM1 for each of you!!! You can use it for purchase of our collection.
Thank you to all of you. Your support is my strength to make my collection a success.
p/s:please submit to me your favorite item now. the competition will start on 3rd june. after 3rd of june, i will still accept you entries but remember, your friends will have less time to vote for u... and the competition will End at 30June2009.

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